White Fire

Chapter Five
Team Crenshaw 6.0

Journey to Lothkoligh

Chapter Four
Team Crenshaw 5.0

Entry into Ambriel’s Reach – Current

today i saw a bird
i told nail to kick it’s ass

Chapter Three
Team Crenshaw 4.0

Assault on Capitol Building – Entry into Ambriel’s Reach

Chapter Two
Team Crenshaw 3.0

City Re-entry, Assault on City Invaders, Assault on Capitol Building

Chapter One
Team Crenshaw 2.0

Underground slums – city re-entry

Death of Dorian Embereye and Radoria

Team Crenshaw 1.0

Game One

Desgrath, Dorian, Radoria, Victor, Xavdak

As the campaign began, the party found themselves sitting across one another at a table in the central guard building. An older guard by the name of Wellhouse entered the room, and the team was informed that he was to be their captain, and that they were hand selected to be part of his unit in the Northern District.

The first objective given to them by Wellhouse was a simple one, locate a dust dealer, find his supplier, and shut them down. After attempting to lure the dealer away from his corner, a fight broke out, and while the team was dealing with the thugs nearby, a halfling courier was able to make her escape. The dealer, having been defeated, informed the group that the only person who knew where the supplier was, was that halfling. Having no more need for him, Xavdak sliced through his throat.

The group pursued the courier and eventually cornered her in a deadend alleyway, where she informed them of the location, and some of the details of the operation, including that “The Butcher” doesn’t just deal in dust, but in human leather and meat, whilst utilizing child-slave labor.

Upon storming the building, Victor was able to convince many of the children to escape while they could. Not all were taken with his words, and attacked him, brandishing knives. Desgrath, not giving much thought to it, flung a vial of Alchemist’s Fire into the group of children, incinerating them all. Several adults in charge of the children were killed in this conflict. Victor levitated himself up onto the second floor, only to be face to face with an eladrin, presumably “The Butcher”. With hands moving faster than could be seen, a large knife was flung across the room into Victor’s chest, and the eladrin ran to meet his new-found foe.

The footsteps gave away his position, and Xavdak leapt from the floor below, and pulled The Butcher down, and held him in place as the party cut into him. In a final act of twisted desperation, the Butcher attacked the final remaining child, slicing her across the face, and collapsing next to her in a bloody heap. Radoria was able to patch up her wounds; she would be scarred for life, but she would live. Dorian dragged the eladrin back up the stairs, tied him down on his own cutting rack, and with a massive explosion, Dorian’s blade claimed The Butcher’s soul.

As the building began to burn, Xavdak sheathed his blade, grabbed two of the foes vanquished previously(drow, to be exact), and dragged them out of the building, with intentions to eat them later. It was revealed that during the fight with The Butcher, Victor searched his desk and found a list of clients, one name stood out. Surgei, Guard Captain of the Eastern District

Games Two & Three

Desgrath, Dorian, Radoria, Victor, Xavdak

Standing infront of the burning drug den, Wellhouse seemed impressed with the group’s martial prowess. He showed the party to the barracks; a re-purposed tavern. As Xavdak was going to cut into the drow, the small child(Lynn) that Radoria saved, sprang into action. She stopped him, grabbed the knife, and cut into them herself. Lynn fashioned for the party two drow-skin backpacks, and a pair of acrobat shoes for Radoria.

The following morning, Wellhouse asked for the groups assistance in recruiting more guards for the upcoming Festival of Wind, and to obtain the aid of Belros, a somewhat famous human knight. Wellhouse informed the party that Belros was currently addicted to dust, and that he didn’t need him, so much as his men. Xavdak was taken aback when Wellhouse told the party specifically not to kill Belros.

The party embarked on their journey to Belros’ Estate. Along the way, a shrieking woman was heard, and the group ran to investigate. Reaching the location of the scream, they witnessed the woman being pulled into a sewer access building, with a barbed spear-like object that had impaled her through her abdomen. The party was unable to rescue the woman, but they managed to kill the Thresher Beast responsible.

Undaunted by the horror they faced in the sewer access, the party continued on, both Dorian and Xavdak recruiting civilians as they progressed. Finally after several hours of walking, they arrived at an unusually well kept marketplace, with a small chapel of Onatar. Within the chapel was a man full clad in armor who claimed to be Belros. Although Victor attempted to use a straw of dust as a lure to gain Belros’ aid; negotiations, as always, turned to blows. Several guards and a priest of Onatar were killed in the scuffle, the latter of which was executed by Dorian.

The group rummaged through the corpses and checked out the interior of the chapel, and found no evidence of dust use. As they occupied themselves with the aftermath of their battle, a group of heavily armored knights flooded into the courtyard. Behind them, yelling at them to put down their weapons was a man who Xavdak immediately recognized as Belros(The Grave). The knights moved to disarm the party, which lead to another brawl. It was made apparent that Belros had no interest in the party, he sought to kill Dorian, for executing the priest in the previous fight.

Dorian was able to convince Belros to stay his hand, by telling him that it was not Dorian that killed the priest, but the blade itself. His interest piqued, Belros place his hand upon Dorian’s blade, and with a look of shock on his face(“I know what you are”), retreated back into his building. As the team cleaned themselves up after the fight, Belros came back outside, with a gift for Xavdak; He explained he was impressed with Xavdak’s tenacity in combat. The group was handed a scroll they were meant to deliver to Wellhouse, and they departed.


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