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On Augustus 4, 3012, the western kingdom of Sarise attacked without provocation: the sister cities, Lothkoligh(Loth-ko-lie) and Reswood.
One of the few recordings of those events follow:

An account of White Fire , journal of Gidian the Third

-Augustus 13, 3012
We’ve pushed them to our outer defenses, and we seem to be able to hold. I will update this journal upon any change.

-Augustus 28, 3013
A year has come and gone, and these bastards don’t yet retreat, how many must we kill before they count their losses?

-Augustus 37, 3013
We awoke this morning to find our enemy vanished, their camps abandoned. Have we finally won? Or is this simply another Drow trick?

-Augustus 39, 3013
Was on watch duty when I saw a lone drow down in the field, just outside of the valley’s mouth. The captain did not seem impressed.

-Augustus 40, 3013
I saw that drow again last night, I sent a couple of scouts to go investigate, they have yet to return. We go out tomorrow with a raiding party.
Correction, the captain and his “reliable” men are going out to look for our scouts tomorrow. I’ve been sent back to Reswood.

-Augustus 50, 3013
I feel on edge, as though I am being watched.

-Meridiuth 1, 3013
Awoke tonight to the sounds of screaming, it sounded as though every man, woman, and child in Lothkoligh were screaming in agony. I rallied the men and we charged into the forest to meet what we assumed was the enemy. As soon as we got within eyeshot of the city, the screaming ceased eminating from it, and sounded as though to be traveling at us at great speed. I fled. My men hesitated, I could hear the sound of flesh being clashed against metal, but I did not care. I await now for whatever fate that befell Lothkoligh to come upon us here in Reswood. There is nowhere left to flee.

-Meridiuth 2, 3013
I stood at the edge of Reswood awaiting our doom last night, but it did not come. As soon as the shrieking started, it was silenced. As though a spark in my mind had set it off, the forest was set ablaze by a near-blinding fire that engulfed the forest completely. The tallest tree recorded in the valley stood at around 180ft, these flames have to be double.
Although the flames seem to reach the heavens themselves, no heat is felt.

-Meridiuth 22, 3013
The fire has settled, what was once a lush valley forest, is now an ash pit, riddled with debris from what used to be Lothkoligh.
Endless Ash, as far as the eye can see. I think I saw that drow out there, in the ash. Several men that have gone out into pit have come back, but come back ill. This ash is toxic, it seems.

-Meridiuth 28, 3013

This is to be my final entry should I not return; I have witnessed that drow walking among the ash pit several times now, I’m sure of it.

I go now with sword in hand to meet him.
I’ve given word to have this sent to the capitol building.

Do not let the trickery of drow go forgiven.

Twenty years have passed since the war of white fire, you are surrounded on three sides by untraversable mountain ranges, and to your west a field of toxic ash, which has become home to unspeakable terrors.

It’s been twenty years, no one has come for you.

Last year, the Festival of Wind decimated what little livestock we had left.
We have about enough food to support around a thousand citizens.

Welcome to New Reswood.
Population: 5,027

Cannibalism is on the rise. Crime of all levels is rampant: Murder, Robbery, Drug dealing, Loitering.
Guards are in short supply.
The pay isn’t very good, but its guaranteed food and board.

White Fire

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