Kaedas Arcaia

Drow Ardent


Theme: Seer
Background: Deep Seer
Deity: None
Eye Colour: Purple
Hair Colour: White
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 170 lbs
Age: 34


When the drow withdrew from the war Kaedas chose not to return to his home. Sensing the foreign land held much opportunity he set out to carve his name in to the history of Reswood. With the ability to catch visions of the future and manipulate the emotions of those around him, Kaedas was quickly able to make a name for himself both as a warrior and an emissary. However, it was not until he was discovered by Petros that he truly came in to his own. His work for the Red Flame constantly pushed him beyond his limits, furthering his pyschic power and martial prowess with every task given. When the time came for Kaedas to carry out Petros’ final order, to assist the adventurers in their task to reunite the Flames, he was ready.

Kaedas Arcaia

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